How We teach

Our Program

Our program consists of 2 training sessions per week and game or a third training session on the Saturday. We also offer an optional-technique and agility/footwork specific session, where we limit the number of players to focus on specific areas that strengthen’s their game and bodies.

Session Times

9+ age groups.
Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 4:45pm-6pm

5 to 8 year old age groups.
Wednesday’s 4:45pm-6pm
and Saturday’s 10:30am-12pm

We also offer a girls ONLY session on a Saturday at hyde park starting at 11:00am.

A little about our program and how we teach.

Here are a few aspects of the program that strengthen what we do.

  1. Provide Coaches with a high level of expertise and experience.
  2. Teach our players more than just football, including healthy eating, taking care of their bodies and doing well at school.
  3. Provide the best training facilities available so skills and techniques can be learned in an optimal environment.
  4. Provide individualised access to injury prevention programs through our physical preparation staff, who teach players how to take care of their bodies with correct stretching, strengthening and recovery techniques.
  5. Provide exclusive access to online video’s which teach technique, exercise and skill drills to constantly improve on their abilities and build self motivation
  6. Teach our players how to make excellent decisions under pressure through healthy competition.
  7. Encourage a desire to improve, learn and work as part of a team; through setting goals in and outside of football.

At the European Football Academy we aim to create leverage for a player and support them by always having a high coach to player ratio. We regularly provide in-house training for our coaches, and help them to progress through their career path in the FA. Doing this we believe strengthens our coaches abilities and provides an atmosphere of learning and providing high level of coaching for our players.

We always look to use the best football pitches and equipment that will allow our players to achieve the results we expect. Above all, we aim to produce the best players, with a strong emphasis on their education, and encourage all our players to be involved in school and achieve good results.

The European Football Academy trains differently, we believe the current style of football being coached at youth level in England needs to be changed and because of this we focus on:

– Individual technique and Constant assessment;
– Tactical knowledge, Game understanding and Decision making;
– Physical development and Healthy lifestyle;
– Mental development, Fair play and Respect for others.

Our player path is progressive, coherent and challenging to allow young players to reach their potential. We aim not only to leverage the FA intent to upgrade the infrastructure and capability of grass-roots football, but also to impact the training and playing style of our players. We utilise a continental European style of football through:

– Tactical Periodization
– Concept of full-Athlete
– Wide-ranging approach

The European Football Academy as a club maintains the belief in training based on tactical periodisation.
Tactical Periodisation is developed around, the “logical structure” of the game and revolves around four key moments:

  1. Offensive organisation
  2. Transition from attack to defence
  3. Defensive organisation
  4. Transition from defence to attack.

Every action, regardless of the four moments of the game in which it might happen, involves a decision (the tactical dimension),
an action or motor skill (the technical dimension)
that required a particular movement (physiological dimension) and
is directed by volitional and emotional states (psychological dimension)*

This implies that the tactical, technical, physiological and psychological elements are never trained independently. Everything is included, with the main emphasis being that every exercise is organised around (at least) one of the four moments of the game and the tactical principles of play.

We believe the future is the “all-around athlete”, someone with tactical expertise and an understanding of their sport (tactical level), with an advanced technical level (technique), which is highly developed in terms of the coordinative and conditional (strength, resistance, speed and agility) capacities, with the ability to make excellent decisions under high levels of stress and pressure, and is highly motivated and disciplined (psychological).

*(Oliveira, 2004).

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