Terms and Conditions

1 - All academy fees are carried till the end of the season whether they are covered in monthly or termly payments.

2 - Whenever point 1. is interrupted before its due date, we require a x30 days’ notice for cancellation/suspension of the membership made via email to info@efalondon.com.
Failure in doing so will result in being charged for the remaining fees.

3 - The Academy will also charge a re-joining fee of £50 whenever point 2 is triggered as we expect all our players to carry the season from their starting date till the very end.

4 - Skipping outstanding fees (max. x7 days from invoicing date) will result in an additional £10 penalty fee for every week that the payment remains outstanding (added to the amended invoice). Player participation will also be restricted.

5 - When outstanding fees are unsettled, the academy reserves the right to withhold any items purchased through the academy’s shop until the situation is resolved.

6 - All outstanding fees must be settled within x14 days of the first invoice. Failure in meeting this requirement will result in indefinite exclusion from practices and matches.

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