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Sporting Lisbon Portugal Camp 2017 – Day 5

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Day 5 started very early for our champions. Waking up at 7am, to be ready for their 7.30am breakfast and then on to the 8.30 morning training session.

They woke up excited about the idea of training in cooler weather, as they are still adapting to the warmer temperatures in Portugal. Coaches Marco and Miguel of Sporting Lisbon took the session today which was intense and challenging. The training session went really well, with the boys being separated into four groups to work 3v2 game situations.

As usual, boys wanted to go for a ride in the golf car with Mr. Domingos, who promptly let two boys jump in the car and go for this experience.

After a quick shower, it was time to have lunch, and as usual, after lunch the boys rested and spent some time together. Rex, Troy, Jonah and Jacob used this time to study and read, as they have every day.


After a relaxing beginning of afternoon, the boys played the World Cup Football Games, organised by Coach Michael. The winner of the World Cup was Brasil.

After a big clap to the winners and a nice well deserved shower, it was time for our afternoon snack, and they sure ate it all. Playing the World Cup is quite an appetite enhancer! 😉

Before and after dinner the boys went to the Games Room to have fun with coaches Michael and Nuno. Coach Nuno even coached Nikita how to play snooker and he’s a fast learner! Bed time came quickly and the boys were all in bed at the agreed time with the coaches on the first day of camp. Our players are really growing into responsible and sensible young men and the Team EFA are very proud to have the boys’ attitude and manners complimented every day.

Unfortunately tomorrow is the last day! Some of them are a bit sad for leaving, but all of them miss their families and can’t wait to hug their parents and siblings.

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