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Sporting Lisbon Portugal Camp 2017 – Day 4

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After a relaxing day, the boys woke up full of energy and they would definitely need it, because Monday is double football training day.

The call went out and they were off to the canteen for breakfast, after fuelling up for the day ahead they went to the games room for a little bit before the day of training got underway

The Boys arrived to the training ground 5 minutes earlier, which was great as it shows they are getting used to the requirements of living and training in the Academy:

  • be responsible;
  • always show up 5 minutes earlier than required and;
  • follow the academy rules and coaches’ instructions.


The session started with a focus on 2v1 situations which was very intensive with boys sweating a lot in the sun and learning even more as the coaches explained the reason’s for the drills.

The SCP Senior team was training next to us again, as well as the U16. The boys were quite excited to know they were training next to a star like Podence.

After some quick interviews with Vera in the training grounds, it was time for lunch, and lunch as usual included soup, vegetables, main course, fruit and lots of vegetables, even for the picky eaters.

To make sure the boys would have a successful afternoon training session with the Sporting Coaches, coaches Nuno and Michael asked players to go to their rooms and rest, as tired players do not perform their best.

They woke up 10 minutes earlier than required and were all ready 10 minutes before the time agreed with coaches. It is amazing to see the boys act so responsible! Also they had repacked all their fuel and energy and were definitely ready for some action!

The training session started at 4pm with the boys on full speed but it was very hot, so they eventually slowed down as the adaptation to such weather isn’t the easiest. They had fun and it was another great opportunity to learn with the Sporting Lisbon Coaches.

After training and a deserved shower, boys had dinner and went to their favourite spot in the Academy, the Games Room, before heading to bed. Johnny beat Coach Nuno in Snooker, having only started to play two years ago, so that was one of the highlights of the night.

Tuesday had a planned early start, with breakfast scheduled for 7.45 am and the first training session at 8.30am, so the boys went to bed early to rest their bodies and recover  for the following day’s training.

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