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Sporting Lisbon Portugal Camp 2017 – Day 3

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After an exhausting couple of days, Sunday started with an usual late wake up call and breakfast. We headed down to the canteen and calmly ate our cereal, taking our time.
During breakfast the boys still had the chance to see Podence having breakfast at the Sporting Lisbon canteen metres away from them. They were euphoric about seeing him in person as he was the player who impressed them most at yesterday’s match.

After breakfast, Coaches Nuno and Michael had planned Table Tennis, Snooker and PlayStation Tournament. First matches were decided via a lottery, and it worked in elimination rounds. The tournament had to paused because the boy’s had a Sporting CP v SL Benfica U 14 match to watch. Benfica won the match 1-0.

They arrived excited from the match and had lunch. In the afternoon some of the boys were asking for some nap time as they were quite tired, and others still wanted some play time at the Games Room and that’s exactly what happened.

After the rest and nap time, Coaches Michael and Nuno organised some competitions in the indoor pitch. Boys were divided into groups and coaches run lots of team competitions such a football match and Keepie Uppie, a Piggie Back Relays games. Finally, they had a Penalty Shoot to decide the winner. The winning team was Nikita, Victor, Cosmo, Timi and Troy.
Afternoon snack came soon after and the boys enjoyed their time until dinner as they pleased, spending time together and having fun in the games room.

After dinner, boys continued the Snooker, Playstation and Table Tennis competitions. Snooker and Playstation competitions haven’t finished yet, but we already found our Table Tennis Champ – Eliot!

After such a relaxing day, the boys headed to bed early, so they could be in full shape for the exciting day tomorrow!

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