Competition-For EFA Players

Player Referral Competition
January 1st to February 28th 2017

1st Prize – A Free trip to Sporting Lisbon Training Camp in 2018

2nd Prize – Your favourite club jersey and number

3rd Prize – 2 tickets for England Vs Lithuania at Wembley in March


“What’s better than playing football with your friends and school mates” ?

We appreciate every player who comes to our trainings, and the Team at the EFA want to thank you all for helping us grow in to one of the leading Private Football Academies in London.

Many of you bring along friends and teammates from school to the Academy. Because of this we thought about rewarding you by running a competition for helping the Academy grow even more.

Okay – here is how the competition works

Scoring goals

Bring along a friend or a school mate to the EFA trainings, If they decide to join the Academy before February 28th for a minimum of one term you score a Goal.

You also get an Assist for introducing them to the Academy.

1 Goal +
1 Assist

Assists Only

We understand that not everyone may want to join or can’t join the Academy just yet, but because you still bought them along to the Academy and introduced them to the Coaches you will get an Assist.

1 Assist

Scoring Hat tricks

If three of your friends or school mates join you score a Hat trick you can also score a hat trick if a friend joins and they then bring another friend who also joins – in these cases 3 extra goals will be added to your score.

This would look like this

3 Goals
3 Assists
+ Bonus 3 Goals for the Hat trick

So how are Prizes decided?

At the end of the competition we will tally up the scores and the player with the highest goal count will win first prize.The Second highest goal scorer will win second prize and Third place will be for the player with the most assists.

What if there is a tie?

Ties will be decided by assists, the goal scorer with the most goals and assists will be the overall winner.

For example if 

Player One scores 5 Goals and 8 Assists and

Player Two scores 5 Goals and 6 Assists…

Player one will win first prize.

Does the player joining get anything?

Well apart from becoming a part of one of London’s most exciting academies and everything we offer with our International training camps, Tournaments, High level coaching, Physical Preparation and Nutritional education as a thank you they will get 50% off their first month of training

Players who aren’t the highest goal scorers also win as well.

For everyone who does bring someone along who joins the Academy, we will give you one week of fee’s FREE off your next term off training for each player you bring along.

Simply get your friends to sign up here (Registration) or bring them along to training with you for free and get them to register their details online after the session. REMEMBER be sure they name you as the person who recommended them to the Academy.

When they join the Academy, we will mark down a goal and assist for you, if they decide not to join we’ll give you an assist.

The Points sheet will be displayed on this page.

Remember to let them know about our Facebook Page and Instagram pages and get your friends to like them as well.

So will you be the Top Goal Scorer?