Private Training Cleared during Lockdown III

EFA Team News

After many inquiries about the possibility of running face-to-face private sessions during this lockdown, we have finally received official advice from Sport England on how to proceed in this matter - full info here:

Can I take part in a coaching/personal training (PT) session in a public outdoor space/garden?

- Personal training/coaching can continue one-on-one.

- Sessions MUST take place in a public outdoor space, as long as social distancing is maintained and CAN’T take place in private gardens.

This means that from today onwards, EFA will be accepting requests for such sessions as long as you leave your contact details on the registration form for us to contact you later: 


NOTE: keep in mind that all requests will be handled on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to our coaches availability. If you have already paid for these sessions during the previous lockdown and still have some left to be delivered, they’ll be automatically transferred for this lockdown.

Ultimately, you can also consider the: (i) Online One-on-One or (ii) Small group training currently available.
Further info and registration can be found here: