Nutritional Education 

One of the focuses of the European Football Academy is to provide children with regular education on healthy eating habits that can be incorporated in to their sports and daily lives.

Our head Nutritionist Glen Matten (MSc), and Physical Preparation Trainer Jason St Clair Newman (BPhEd) bring a wealth of knowledge on ways our academy children can eat and be healthy.
Quite often it is a child’s eating habits that impact not only their sport and activity but education and life itself. Our aim is to make a difference with our academy players by providing the tools necessary to be successful in life through educating them in healthy eating habits that impact on their lives in a positive way.

How do we do this?
1. Talking one on one with players on the training ground is one of the key ways, as it allows us to talk to your child in a comfortable situation where we can ask questions and help answer any of theirs.This allows us to guide them in to making healthy choices.
2. Through our Academy magazine we provide tips, information and regular recipes that can help your child be successful on and off the pitch and for you as a parent to follow knowing they are backed up by science and not just opinion.
3. Talks for the Academy players and parents by our nutrition team.
As an academy player they get our full attention and are always the first to receive this information before we make it available to the general public.

Not an Academy player yet?
Subscribing to our monthly newsletter will give you a brief insight to what we provide, as we touch on key points that anyone* can use with their children to help improve their health.

*Please note, anyone with a food allergy should read all the ingredients for any recipe we provide to ensure that there is nothing present that could cause harm.

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