Goalkeeper Coaching

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As a crucial part of our development and performance programmes, we developed a specific training curriculum for goalkeepers.
Our qualified coaches perform structured training sessions on Sundays (Paddington Recreation Ground and Archbishop’s Park) coaching children of different levels into the specific goalkeeping techniques, integrating the team sessions afterwards.
This method of training is into the core of what we do, it relates to our way of playing, to our attacking mentality.
Our goalkeeping programme has the following contents:
  • High specialisation: coaches with experience and knowledge for great sessions directed to goalkeepers;
  • Big focus on technique: drills with coordination and high level of intensity, hands position, feet work and positioning are just some of the topics taught in our sessions;
  • Build-up play: as part of our idea, we believe the modern goalkeeper is one of the first attackers of the team, taking part on the team’s build-up play strategy and covering for the defenders;
  • Mentality and personality: as a key player for all our teams, we teach our goalkeepers all the techniques to take part of the game with initiative and responsibility, as well as dealing with the challenges of this role.

The European Football Academy are happy to be provide specific goal keeping training with our Professional Goalkeeping coaches Mani, Ibrahim and Carlos .

These sessions are open to all players in the u8 to U15 age group.

If you are interested in improving your skills and tactical understanding of being a goal keeper please contact us at


Session Information 

When : Sundays  8:30am -10am
Where : Coaches Mani and Ibrahim – Paddington

When : Sundays 10:30am – 12pm
Where : Coach Carlos – Archbishops park