FMS Testing at the EFA

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FMS – Functional Movement Screening

The European Football Academy has recently implemented the FMS – Functional Movement Screening process with our players.

Starting on Thursday the first group of players were assessed and data gathered that will help us with their training. With the introduction of the system, the EFA will help players move better and avoid potential for non contact injuries even further.

Utilised successfully by many professional and amateur teams world wide across Football, NFL, NHL, NBA,  MLB, Athletics and Rugby amongst others, the FMS system offers a way of looking at an individual and how well they move.

These assessment programs are designed to help address weak or restricted movements in an effort to prevent injury and improve the ability to move well. Tests are movement based versus sport specific, allowing for a greater crossover to many different sports and activities outside of football when addressing any flagged issues.


To read more about the FMS system check it out here.

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