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Term Dates


South London

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Termly Payment
Number of weeks for the term x Cost per Week

Autumn Term - 15 weeks
Spring Term -  12 weeks
Summer Term - 12.5 weeks
*Variable Fee according to the amount of weeks on the term.

Monthly Payment
Paid over 11 months

Paid by calendar month up to the 2nd of each month for the month in question.*
Calculation based on 39 weeks of the year (excludes 13 weeks of school holidays) and divided by 11 months (NO payment in August).
*Fixed Fee per calendar month (pro rata on the starting month), regardless of the number of weeks.

NOTE: A full registration is mandatory to join us (£105 or £145).
The first fee includes x1 training kit (top, shorts and socks), x1 jumper, x1 tracksuit trousers & jacket and x1 backpack.
The £145 fee option also includes x1 match kit (top, shorts and socks).


Did you know the Academy is OFSTED registered service? It may mean you are able to claim up to a 80% tax benefit off your child's fees! Click the link below for more info at the website.

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Sibling Discount - 10% on the smallest Training Fee

We also offer a sibling discount, please contact us to find out more at

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