EFA in Gothia – Day Six

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Day 6
After a difficult day at Gothia, the boys woke up later than usual, at 9.30am and it was a rainy day.

It actually looked like the sky was crying because of our elimination at the round of 16 – a bit dramatic but the weather was mirroring our feelings somehow.

After having a shower and breakfast some of the boys got to say goodbye to some of the Swedish girls staying with us at school.

A few broken hearts and sad faces after they were gone, but the EFA boys should recover quickly. ?

We had lunch and the coaches took the boys to Heden Centre to watch the U17s semi-finals and Right to Dream from Ghana and Tiki Taka from Nigeria won their matches, to delight of the boys.

The boys had been offered a tricycle by one of the Swedish girls teams staying at school with us, and they took it to Heden Centre, having fun parking it in the cars parking lot and filming people’s reactions to it.

The boys watched all of it from afar and would watch most people smile and take pictures of it. In the end the boys enjoyed all the attention their tricycle got.

As we have two Nigerian players, they went to the changing rooms for some photos with the Tiki Taka team. It was great that they were kind enough to pose for a group picture with our players.

After the semi final, boys headed to school for dinner and after dinner all were at the room with Vera and enrolled in fun plays impersonating the coaches. There is evidence of all of this in video and it’s hilarious!

After the role play, it was time for bed, because the following day we would be playing a friendly match with an Italian team.