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EFA in Gothia – Day One

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Day 1 – Gothia 2017

The coaches arrived at the airport to find an excited group of players.

The trip to Dusseldorf went smoothly and quietly, with some boys sleeping, others talking or watching the latest series on their phones.

After arriving in Dusseldorf the boys had some free time between connecting flights and took the opportunity to duck off to the shops in the airport or just hang around and bond.

We also happened to discover F.W.’s older brother who is apparently a model in Germany. 🙂

The connecting flight was early afternoon, and on to the host city Gothenburg.

Vera checked the boys in and Coaches Roland and Jose handled the age control at the airport. Arriving in Gotenburg the bus picked the team up to take them to the school where the team was based for the week.

In some ways, the school reminds us a lot of the British buildings as it’s made of bricks, quite similar to the ones we’d see in London. Although the team didn’t have much time for looking around, some of the boys were able to grab a quick peak and found two of the football pitches in the school’s grounds, an Astro and grass pitch which will be great for some between game skill sessions, so that’s great news.

Dinner was next and couldn’t come sooner for the hungry bunch. Finishing up quite early they then had some time to relax playing about and hanging outside of the canteen.

Night time (although you’d be forgiven for thinking it was still day here in Sweden, and the team started to get ready for a great night of sleep. Boys were pumping their mattresses, getting the sleeping beds out, putting all the tables to the side…what looked like a mess in the beginning soon started to look like a comfy place to sleep and rest.

If you couldn’t at first guess who were the Portuguese ones in the room, you’d instantly spot them after having a close look around when everything was already organised, as you’d see the only two beds made perfectly with bed sheets, pillows inside their pillow cases, a sleeping bag used as a duvet. It made for a good laugh!

The coaches organised the room so that we can have assemblies every morning before the matches. We went for a quick inspirational talk, delivered by coaches Jose and Roland and were only interrupted by coach Nuno’s arrival. The team received Nuno with an enthusiastic clap soon after the meeting finished, everyone went to bed and in thirty minutes they were all asleep. This was the first day of a very exciting week at Gothia.

…Tomorrow Game Day!