EFA in Gothia – Day Four

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Day 4
The boys woke up early at 6.30am, as we had our match against Staffanstorps GIF 2 at 10am.

As usual in our routine, the boys had a shower, breakfast and meeting with the coaches to discuss football tactics for the match.

After the meeting everybody was confident and aware they were going to play to win.
We arrived at the pitch on time for a good warm up and ready to win.
With a¬†draw of 2-2 the boys were a bit disappointed with the opposition’s last minute goal, but they were still confident and knew they had deserved to win the match. It also meant they were going to playoff B, which did not impact their confidence negatively, quite on the contrary.

They knew they were going to the next match with the will to score and to win even more.
After the match, we headed to Haden Centre for some fun and to relax a bit from the pressure of the matches.

We then went for lunch and had a shower afterwards, followed by a 1 hour and a half power nap. Funny thing is the boys were reluctant to sleep in the first 15 minutes, but after half an hour they were all snoring and unwilling to get up.

However, coaches Jose and Roland had other plans for them: team building exercises, that as we found out later, worked wonders.

It was soon dinner time and after stuffing their bellies, the boys learnt the results of the afternoon’s team building exercises. Each had to read the positive things their teammates think about them, and the whole coaching team was impressed with the sensibility of these boys.

A real team has been produced and we couldn’t be prouder of their hard work and commitment.

After this very productive exercise with an extremely positive outcome, the boys confidence was completely restored and they went to bed knowing their teammates thought all of them as valuable members of the team.

Tomorrow’s another day and we’re playing to win as we always do!