EFA in Gothia – Day Five

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Day 5
The boys woke up early for the morning match. They had a shower and breakfast and we were soon heading to the pitch for the first match of the day.

After arriving to the pitches and with one player injured, Tommaso, we had a brief football meeting with the coaches and the boys looked focused and confident.

We played against Upsala 2 and we won, playing our style of football, a continental style and respecting EFA’s identity.

Mukhtar scored a hat trick and the boys celebrated enthusiastically another deserved victory.

As we had another match in the afternoon we quickly headed to the school and Coach Nuno got the boys bananas and vitamin water with electrolytes.

As soon as we arrived it was time for a quick cold shower, followed by a one-hour power nap. Only after that we had lunch, following the nutritional advice of our Physical Preparation Coach Jason in London, who had been supporting us with his precious advice and guidance.

As suggested by Coach Jason, the boys were allowed some sweets and Coach Roland made sure they had them. The boys of course loved it!

We didn’t have much time left so we had to head to the pitches again to play Xx.

The boys started very well dominating the other team, but we’re unlucky to have suffered a goal in the first part and from that moment onwards they’ve lost their identity, and after playing the whole match with a lot of passion and heart, it finished 2-0 (they scored again in the last minute when we were attacking) and we had to say goodbye to the Gothia Cup.

The boys and coaching team were sad as they knew they deserved more, but the boys have learnt an important lesson, when you don’t respect your style of football and your club’s identity, your team gets weaker.

We left the pitch to have dinner and were soon in bed. Nothing like a good night of sleep to recover from a difficult match.

Tomorrow is another day and we can still enjoy ourselves as a team in the last days of our adventure.