Educational Program

At the Academy we strongly believe that education and physical activity are intrinsically connected, it is one of our goals to make a difference in children’s lives through our Educational program.

The EFA Educational program is an integral part of the Academy set up. Academy players are held to a high level of expectation on the pitch and it’s the aim of the program to keep this consistent in their schooling, both academically and behaviourally. The EFA program communicates through its liaison officer, former teacher Vera Parente (BA in Education, QTS) with the consent of schools and parents, continually monitoring and noting each players’ progress in these areas to ensure players continue to do their best on and off the pitch. A player’s coach is notified when they are falling behind to help guide and be a positive influence, encouraging them to improve at all levels.


Want to know more?

Contact Vera directly and she can help answer your questions