Day 2 – May, Sporting Lisbon Camp

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Day 2 May Sporting Lisbon CP Camp

"Time to see how the Sporting players train..."
After a long and restful sleep, the boys woke up high spirited to face the day. 
Breakfast replicated yesterday’s dinning team routine followed by training at the beautiful Alcochete's grounds surrounded by its unique green landscape.
After, boys were also introduced for the. First time to the academy's own laundry system where each becomes responsible for their own dirty clothes washing. 
Later on the day, and after a brief resting period, the second training session kicked off and included a 3team league tournament, that will run till Friday. Each assigned team was envenly matched in ability and had players of different ages together to encourage play knowledge share. 
But the best was yet to come. Sporting's youth teams training late afternoon, at different adjacent pitches looked awesome. The highly organised pitches and amount of staff involved showed them that the intended training goals are not to be taken lightly and everyone must be working at their best to have a chance of staying among the selected few 
Note: Hope this becomes a lifelong mantra! 
In the end, dinner and games room time was the cherry on top of this cake. Boys had fun, spent some more time together... bonding and bonding as a true team 
Lets see what tomorrow brings, 
Stay tuned