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All players wishing to join our academy must undergo a one week trial with our teams to find out if they are accepted.

Trials Explained

All players must trial with our teams to find out if they qualify or not to join the academy

Your trial must be booked in advance. This allows you to see the available times and days and get ready for it while enabling us to prepare for your arrival and conduct a formal assessment to ensure we only accept you if you show a similar level to our team’s players.

Academy Fees Transparency

Charging Rates

If a player is accepted, after his/her trial takes place, these are the fees that you’d look into. They have been created to cover for the running costs of our thriving programme while keeping it accessible to the general public.

2023/2024 Academy Fees Simulator

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Our Trial Sites

Our training sites are all astro turf grounds to ensure the consistency and quality of our sessions throughout the season without having to deal with the often imposed weather related cancellations or poor training conditions.

North London

From Paddington Recreational Ground (W9 1PD) over the weekend, to the midweek sessions at either Castlehaven (NW1 8RU) or Whitefield School (NW2 1TR). 

South London

From Archbishop’s Park (SE1 7LE) most of the times with few groups stretching to Vauxhall Powerleague (SE11 6HU) and Nightingale School (SW17 7DF) midweek.

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