In 2014 the FA Chairman and the English Commission admitted¹, English football is falling behind.
The number of coaches, quality of its practise pitches; the coaching development and education system, and the opportunity for its athletes to play at higher levels was not where they believe it should be.

We want to make a difference.

In 2013 Nuno Coelho the Academy Director started to develop the idea of a centralised program in London, one that was focused around a continental style of play, where technical and tactical aspects of the game were emphasised and the approach towards teaching younger players was more individualised and required a higher football IQ.
Over the next two year period Nuno developed and fine tuned the program, and presented the Academy concept in 2015 to Man Capital, the European Football Academy’s main sponsor.

Being absolutely passionate about football, and loving to see a child’s smile, have fun and learn through sport, Nuno wanted to provide a program of coaching and learning that values an individual’s progress and guides them to be the best they can be within a professional and challenging setting.

This is why our Academy exists, so we can in return give to children what football has given to us.
We want to inspire children the same way we have been inspired, and be a positive factor and role model in their life.

1. The FA Chairman’s,English Commission: Report 2; October 2014. Link

Our Core Values

Our Vision

The Academy’s vision is to provide a unique training program specifically developed for young people that brings together the key aspects of football into a complete system of technical, tactical, psychological and physical development within an exciting and educational atmosphere. It is our goal to provide a level of individualisation that helps each player progress, continually challenging them through their development to improve and learn each and every time.

We Pursue Excellence

Founded on the core values of honesty, respect, discipline; integrity, fun and innovation the European Football Academy has been created to make a difference, challenging the traditional concepts and approaches of young people’s experience in football. Through a relentless passion for football and teaching , the academy team encourage and inspire each child to be successful players and people. It is our desire to develop intelligent, confident young people in a professional and exciting atmosphere, giving them the skills to rise to challenges and go on to seek greater aspirations in their lives with success.

We Create Fun

Without fun, learning is compromised and a young person’s passion and joy for the game can diminish.

It is important to us that each academy player’s motivation and thrill for football is always encouraged and built upon in every way possible.

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