2022 / 2023 Season

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Our football season runs from Sep 22 to July 23.

Our full season is divided into three terms: Autumn, Spring and Summer. Each term then has a half term break when our training sessions also break giving room to our popular football camps.

Autumn Term

Running for 15 weeks, this term is by far the longest.

Spring Term

The shortest term of all, running for x12 weeks.

Summer Term

Running for 12,5 weeks, this is the most balanced term.

Term Break Ideas

These events run non stop throughout the season which means they are available when regular training pauses.

London Camps

One the best ways to join both academy and non academy players and benefit from up to 30 hours of training per week.

Private Training

Undoubtedly the best way to tackle individual needs, these sessions can be arranged at a suitable time and location for your convenience.

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