European Football Academy

One Week Trials

We are looking for players to join our teams for the 2022/23 season

Our 2021/22 season is now over but we'll be back from the 29th August 2022

About the European Football Academy

What once started as a small club with just 12 players and a small number of coaches has blossomed into a thriving academy, housing 5 separate locations all across London.
We now train close to 400 players and employ more than 25 coaches and staff, all to ensure your child receives premium football training alongside the possibility of competing at the most challenging football leagues in London and accessing key events internationally.  

Our coaching philosophy starts with the continental style of play, that incorporates game understanding into the player’s development and ends around a player centred methodology that focus on the individual technical, physical, social and psychological needs to address each player’s needs and enable them to attain outstanding levels of development.

Why Choosing Us ?

Tailored Coaching

Our coaching team is made of a seriously experienced team of professionals, from physical education teachers to UEFA A & B qualified coaches,  to secure the safest, most challenging and rewarding development. 

More Opportunities

From joining to the best football leagues in town, with scouting opportunities for the best players,  we also offer the possibility of joining local half term camps, Overseas Residential Camps and the International Football Tournaments.

All Weather Grounds

   We don’t like to rely on the weather conditions to ensure our football agenda runs all season round without hiccups.
This means that all our training sites have astro pitches so we can offer the best football training grounds .

What You’ll Learn

We take pride in our holistic view of football training, and strongly believe that becoming a valuable and versatile player goes far beyond the skills you possess on the pitch. We aim to raise not just remarkable players, but outstanding individuals who will go on to achieve great things throughout their lives.


Player Centred Philosophy

Each footballer is constantly reviewed on the four development corners (technical, social, physical and psychological) so we can steer their learnings in the best direction.

“Behind every kick of the ball there has to be a thought.” Dennis Bergkamp


Fostering Football Intelligence

Game understanding is key for us, from learning the different moments of play, the principles that rule it and the specific positional role of each team player.

“Football is played with your head. Your feet are just the tools.” Andrea Pirlo

Raising Remarkable Individuals

The ways in which we carry ourselves both inside and outside the pitch should always resonate to our daily lives. 

“I learned all about life with a football at my feet” Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Meet the Coaching Team

Our coaching team is the most important aspect of our academy. The best mirror of what we are instilling in the football youth. Delivering the football message our way means having passionate, highly experienced and qualified coaches to speak our football language therefore if our coaching group was a football team, this would clearly be our first draft.  

Paddington Rec (W9 1PD)
Whitefield School (NW2 1TR)
Castlehaven (NW1 8RU)
Archbishop's Park (SE1 7LE)

Get Started Now

Looking for an experience that challenges every part of your development as a footballer? It all happens here. Drop in for a training session or join us as an academy player. We offer the a wide range of football options (from recreational groups to performance teams) for you to come in and enjoy our respectful, warm and prolific football community.

Trial Pass


If you are unsure about the way we run our sessions and coach our players, feel free to book a seven day trial where all academy sessions can be accessed. This way you can have a first hand experience in the way we run things before you make a decision and also take our advice on the best way to move forward.

Full Registration

From £105

If joining us is the natural next step, then submit your full registration form where we request you to secure your new academy clothes (full training kit) mandatory for training. The match kit option is also available for competitive players.

Parents Testimonials

Our parents are the living proof that what we do speaks volume out there. Take a look into what they have to say about us.

”My son joined about 4 years ago, and it is fair to say that his life now revolves around EFA!

The coaches are dedicated and nurturing, and their support, and emphasis on sportsmanship and mutual respect – both on and off the pitch – is especially important to me. He has played in numerous competitive leagues and cups across London and beyond; and a trip to Sweden to compete in the U12’s Gothia cup remains one of his most memorable and formative experiences.

His teammates have become his best friends, and the EFA like family, and I highly recommend them to anyone who has a child with an interest in football.

Kim B.-L.

My son joined EFA just before his 5th birthday and he enjoyed a lot the friendly atmosphere he found there. 

I have been very impressed with how approachable all the coaches are. They think of players as individuals and the club is big enough to offer opportunities matching the level of ambition and work ethic each child has.

EFA offered my son everything he needed during a critical period in his development as a player. This summer he was spotted by the coaches at Fulham FC and was invited to join their pre – Academy programme. This opportunity would not have been possible without the fantastic support offered by EFA. We are very grateful and will always cheer for our friends at EFA!

Bradut A.

My son joined EFA 4 years ago. He participates in training sessions and matches in addition to his school team. This is quite a time commitment, but he says he gets more from the EFA sessions than his school training.

The EFA coaches are serious but welcoming and supportive. They reflect good values and sportsmanship. Training sessions are intense, but with a sense of camaraderie and team play.

My son has definitely improved his skills by playing with EFA. It has also exposed him to different styles of play. I would recommend the EFA to anyone looking for a high quality of play in a supportive atmosphere.

Gerry F.
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