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Required to all players wishing to join the academy

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Football Trials Explained

Why ?

If you wish to join our academy, book your trial in advance using one of the dedicated forms. All players are now required a formal assessment before determining if they can join us or not to ensure we only accept players of similar level.

How ?

Once booked, you should attend all the trial sessions confirmed on the booking form allowing this way the head coach to run a fair assessment of you as a player and ultimately determine if you can join the team.


The head coach reviews all assessment notes including your development level and attitude and reports his final decision to our senior coaching team (once the trial is over) so we can let you know if you have been accepted or not.


We Keep Our Fees Transparent

Our football programme has been available since 2015 with some impressive achievements (some players signing for professional academies).
Nevertheless our CLAEAR terms and conditions are the foundation of this success and therefore we’d like you to know from the start what they are.

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